In the absence of a comprehensive law firm marketing strategy that includes legal marketing tactics for bringing in new clients, you will find yourself wasting time and money as you wait for other firms to catch up to you in the race for clients. Nowadays, it is evident that marketing is one of the most critical factors to get successful, and it has the potential to increase revenue and client base for any business. But, in addition, we know that law firms have a lot on their plate and don’t have time to plan a successful marketing strategy or even implement it. 

Marketing for law firms is a Law Firm Marketing Expert service, an established digital marketing agency. Personalized digital marketing strategies, brand enhancement, local SEO, and goal-oriented campaigns are how we’ve helped our legal clients achieve their marketing goals. 

Where are you most likely to find clients?

Increasing leads for law firms requires focusing on where clients decide to contact them and attracting additional clients. Referrals are one of the ways clients hear about you. Some clients Checking out your Google My Business and then visiting your website is what most of them do, right? Or do they find you in organic searches and click on your law firm? 

Even though each potential client will take a different path to find a lawyer, we can assure you that many are researching the issues surrounding their legal matters. Getting a deep understanding of your industry’s market data and your company’s analytics can help you figure out how clients find and choose legal services. 

Is there a marketing department at law firms?

Law firms have been relying on their internal resources for marketing despite the efforts being fruitless. In most cases, the basic framework worked well. However, other options offer a higher level of flexibility. It’s good to have your marketing resource, but hiring a professional is also great to get more clients.

What are the marketing expenses for law firms?

According to research done in 2018, nearly 2% of a law firm’s revenue goes toward business development and marketing. In total, this is just $19,000 of income per $1 million in revenue. It is a study done by professionals.

Marketing is necessary for law firms, but why?

A lawyer is most likely referred to or recommended by a friend or family member or found online using an online search engine. The website of a law firm is responsible for bringing in 70% of their new clients. There is no doubt that almost all people seeking legal advice or information turn to the internet first.

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To grow your law firm, we aim to provide your company with practical marketing guidance. Among other things, we help lawyers determine where their next case will come from and implement proven marketing systems to keep their law firms running efficiently. Call us for a free consultation to learn how we can do marketing for your law firm.